November 3, 2021

Caregiving for a parent as a parent

Excuse the cliché, but there is no greater love than the love a parent feels for their children. As a child, you don't understand this concept. You live a carefree, innocent and pure existence. Over the years, days outside in the park transfer into days inside an office building working on your career. Then one day, you are bringing a child into your house and life completely.... Read More-->


January 15, 2020
Healthy {and delicious} mealsfood.png
Typically a new year equates to resolutions that involve the promise of exercise and healthy eating. We live in a world where words like organic and gluten-free are thrown around a lot and are often interpreted as expensive grocery items in contrast to foods that contain preservatives and processed sugar. This may be true in some circumstances, but one thing is true, you feel a lot better psychologically when you eat organically.

A lot of our home care clients are diabetic and routine healthy meals are paramount for their daily lives. It's a critical skill to learn meal prep for diabetics when you're a caregiver, and a necessity when you are a diabetic and need to cook for yourself. Today we're sharing a recipe that we...... Read More-->

December 9, 2019

As a caregiver, you're responsible for lives beyond your own. The holiday season is no exception. We are sharing with you 5 tips towards managing stress. Use these in good health and namaste!


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November 4, 2019

Brian receives 24-hour care due to a brain injury that has left him weak on one side of his body. Brian is tall in stature, but you would have never known it a year and a half ago when we first met because Brian was in a wheelchair. Gentle by nature, he can’t help but smile sheepishly at a joke because his sense of humor always wins. In fact,... Read More --> brian pics.png

August 6, 2019

Staff! We have some awesome stuff going on in our home care world, from events to promotions to new hires, check out our newsletter... here

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April 26, 2019

Congratulations to Doris! We'll miss you but we're so proud!

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March 29, 2019

I make my own happiness! selfcare.png

Licensed professionals and others alike will often mention the term "self-care." What we don't always realize is how important self-care is to our lives. We brush it off as nonsense, or too time-consuming. The truth is, we need self-care in order to be the best version of ourselves.

Let us present to you a 15-day self-care challenge. All of these activities are FREE. Read More-->

March 5, 2019

ChangeInc celebrates brain injury awareness month. All month long we'll be sharing stories, photos, and statistics to spread the word on this subject.


March 1, 2019
As a provider of home care services to individuals with brain injuries, it’s important for us to inform and educate our communities on ABIs. Read More-->

February 14, 2019

February newsletter


February 8, 2019

Homecare Hero! A ChangeInc life saver

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January 23, 2019

The Therapeutic Benefits of Crocheting

I know this may seem like unusual subject matter for a home care blog, but in fact, it’s quite appropriate. Crocheting is the new trend (ok so maybe it never went out of style) and it’s proving to be a strategy of self-care for individuals seeking zen in their lives.

According to a recent study presented by the University... Read More-->

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November 28, 2018

Why Home Care?

The healthcare industry is flourishing throughout the United States mainly due to the aging baby boomer population requiring increased medical and non-medical attention. Where we are in Connecticut, assisted living facilities are popping up at a rapid rate. We see crews working on weekends to complete these monstrosities that will soon be filled with elders and others seeking long-term medical support. We also see an increased number of families looking for alternative, less expensive options, like home care.

Read More -->


   ChangeInc staff caring for two home care individuals

November 16, 2018

Holidays are not Always Happy Days

While the idea of Thanksgiving and the bright lights of the December holidays can bring about sentiments of merriment for some, there is the underlying pressure on people to enjoy themselves during the holidays. The reality is that many people feel increasingly isolated and unhappy during this season, and elders are no exception.

As people age, things that... Read More --> 

August 30, 2018

Mental Health Podcasts

When you find a podcast you love it’s like making a new friend. You want to connect and hear from them on a regular basis. In today’s world, podcasts are a ever-growing medium to engage with subjects of interest in a easy, mobile way. We recently uncovered some mental health podcasts and video blogs that are both helpful and engaging, so today we share 3.. Read More-->

July 30, 2018

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a feeling that we have all experienced at one point or another. The nerves before delivering a big presentation, jitters on a wedding day, or the uneasy feeling of attempting to conquer a fear.

People with anxiety disorders have a perpetual and excessive fear in situations that are... Read More-->

July 17, 2018

Meet the Mad Hatters

They are lovingly known as the Mad Hatters. This group of 7 women reside in an assisted living facility in Hartford where ChangeInc provides one on one community support on a weekly basis with some of the residents. These women led by ChangeInc’s Community Support Professional, Annie Barclay,...Read More-->

July 1, 2018

Happy Birthday ChangeInc!

We're feeling fine celebrating 9!!

June 14, 2018

Home Care Clients Unite to Create Cards for the Troops
If there is one thing that our ChangeInc home care clients treasure the most, it’s giving back to service men and women. To celebrate this Flag Day, our home care clients united to create greetings cards which they filled with.. Read More-->

May 25, 2018

Client Appreciation Day

Recently, on a beautiful Spring day, 37 of our clients and their caregivers gathered on the grounds of YMCA’s Camp Ingersoll to simply enjoy a day of fun. After a long and brutal winter which brought us snow into April, we were all grateful to luxuriate in the crisp, fresh air of Spring. For many of the population we serve, social isolation is a real problem. It’s a priority for..Read More-->

April 2, 2018

The Gift of Giving

Last week we hosted a BINGO event in the New Haven area for our individuals to attend with their staff. The event itself was an intimate size due to the rain and other unforeseen circumstances.

Together, we chatted about the upcoming weekend and other current events as we enjoyed lunch. When it was time to play BINGO, everyone put their game face on. Read More-->

March 16, 2018

Ellen's StoryEllen is an individual that we care for at ChangeInc. When we first met Ellen, she was over 500lbs, unable to walk, and residing long term in a nursing home. Today, Ellen has lost... Read More--

February 2, 2018

Winter in New England.

It’s cold, the weather is nasty, it’s flu season.

These are just some of the reasons why the individuals we service typically feel socially isolated during the winter months. Recent studies suggest this can be dangerous. Read More-->

January 19, 2018

Whether you’re living with depression, or merely desire an understanding of the illness, there are many online resources and depression-centered blogs that are designed to share real life experiences.. Read More-->

March 1, 2017

It’s National Nutrition Month! Wait, don’t go, I promise this is helpful. For those of you who find it challenging to consume fruits & veggies on a daily basis, (or are desperately trying to get kids invested) we’re sharing some easy ways to.. Read More-->

January 4, 2017

2017. A new year, a new you? We make resolutions, we break resolutions, and sometimes we even see resolutions through to the finish line. Whatever the result is, the intent is change, and where there’s a will. Read More-->

September 21, 2016

Last Friday, on an absolutely gorgeous late Summer day, ChangeInc clients and their staff traveled from both near and far to celebrate our first ever client appreciation day in Meriden’s Hubbard Park. It was a day filled with... Read More-->

August 23, 2016

If you’ve recently either voluntarily or involuntarily taken on the role of caregiver for a loved one and you’re feeling frightened, angry, confused, and overwhelmed, the good news is that it’s all perfectly normal. It can be a...Read More-->

August 16, 2016

ChangeInc’s Executive Director, Derrick Gibbs Jr. is set to receive Hartford Business Journal’s 40 under 40 award in a public ceremony next month. This honor is given to...Read More--> 

July 19, 2016

This month we turn 7 years old! We look good, don’t we? While we might be categorized and filed in the business world as an organization in its infancy years, we’re happy to be exactly where we are. What was once an agency compiled of 1 employee with 1 client.... Read More-->

June 23, 2016

Summer. That word stirs up infinite excitement for those of us living year round in the Northeast. Summer is a time meant for barbecues, ice cream trucks, and vacations. For some people Read More --->

June 8, 2016

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness month. As you can see from the photo, my colleagues and I wore purple to work last Friday in support of the cause. It goes without saying that this goes much deeper than simply wearing a color. When I sat down and really absorbed the statistics on, it sent me into a tizzy.  Read More ---->

May 31, 2016

The cars we drive say a lot about us…

This really wasn’t planned, let’s just call it fate. It’s only a coincidence, yet, truly appropriate that our first blog post ever in the history of ChangeInc is directly related to our first ever trio of ChangeInc automobiles. 

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