Acquired Brain Injury 

Image caption The Acquired Brain Injury program is a non-medical in-home and community-based service for individuals who have a traumatic or acquired brain injury. A person-centered plan of care is developed prior to working in the home to best determine the level of care and assistance required to maintain an independent lifestyle. Care is provided on an hourly basis.

ChangeInc supports the ABI community through the following services: 

  • Independent Living Skills Training (ILST)
  • Companion & Recovery Assistance
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Pre-Vocational & Employment Service Support

Independent Living Skills Training (ILST)

ILST services are performed by a trained and certified ILST staff member. Their role is to aid individuals with the tools necessary to perform daily skills safely and independently for use in their everyday life. Activities may include but are not limited to: cleaning, cooking, assistance with personal hygiene and care, money management, time management.

Companion & Recovery Assistance

Companions and Recovery Assistant’s (RA) are trained by the state of Connecticut. The responsibility of the companion and RA is to accompany ABI individuals in the community in addition to supporting individuals in their home.

Personal Care Assistance

This service is recommended for individuals who require specific hands on care within their home environment. A Personal Care Assistant (PCA) is a trained professional in the health care industry whose primary responsibilities may include assisting with tasks related to: mobility, incontinence care, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, meal preparation, medication prompting, and general household duties. Hourly or 24 hour live-in care available. 

Pre-Vocational and Employment Service Support

These services provided by a trained employee, incorporate skill set building for ABI individuals preparing to pursue employment. Individuals receive assistance and develop in the following areas: job seeking, resume building, interviewing, memory strategies, etc.     

ChangeInc is a credentialed home care provider under the state of Connecticut Department of Social Services.