Individualized Home Supports (IHS)

We deliver in-home services to individuals whose personal goal is to acquire, improve, and/or retain skills required to enhance the ability to live in their community as specified in their care plan.

  • Instruction and training in one or more need areas 
  • Implementation of strategies to address behavioral, medical or other needs identified in the care plan
  • Implementation of therapeutic recommendations including speech, O.T., P.T. and assistance in following special diets and other therapeutic routines
  • Mobility training
  • Adaptive communication training
  • Provide training or practice in basic consumer skills such as banking, budgeting and shopping.

Individualized Day Support

This service is designed to assist individuals who wish to acquire, improve, and/or retain skills needed for work or community participation. In some cases individuals are seeking support with meaningful retirement activities or maintaining a business they own. The services we offer in this capacity vary greatly and might include:

  • Development and implementation of personalized support plan
  • Support to develop, maintain, or enhance independent functioning skills in the areas of sensory-motor, cognition, personal grooming, hygiene, toileting etc.
  • Assistance with daily interactions to develop and maintain friendships of choice and skills to employ.
  • Support to seek out job interests, retirement activity options
  • Opportunities to participate in community activities
  • Backing to complete work or business activities 
  • Vocational & Non-Vocational

Personal Supports

The personal care service is a hands-on approach to caring for an individual. For individuals interested in this offering, assistance is necessary in completing daily living needs such as personal hygiene, meals, dressing, etc. Furthermore, in this role the caregiver will both cue and provide supervision to ensure the safety of the individual receiving support. Services offered:

  • Assistance with daily living such as personal hygiene, dressing, eating.
  • Assistance maintaining a safe and sanitary home or managing a household such as housekeeping, laundry, and shopping.
  • Assistance to access and attend community activities such as accompanying the individual while traveling to activities or helping the individual to access leisure activities.
  • Counseling for Depression in Hartford Connecticut

Respite Care

Respite services are designed to provide care for individuals on a short-term basis. These services are rendered to individuals unable to support themselves typically when their caregivers need relief or take time off. We care for individuals on a daily/overnight basis at a qualified respite care location.