Mental Health Waiver

The mental health waiver is operated by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. This program is designed to provide both in-home and community based recovery assistance to qualified Medicaid recipients with diagnosed psychiatric illnesses who are at risk for entering (or residing in) a nursing care facility. The ultimate goal for candidates accepted into the program is to gain independence through the achievement of personal objectives. 

The mental health waiver offers its participants an array of services which are carried out by credentialed providers. Each member of the program benefits from a personalized care approach emphasizing:

  • Focus on wellness and recovery
  • Intensive psychiatric rehabilitation
  • Person-Centered Planning that shapes a customized recovery plan
  • Peer support
  • Critical attention to both psychiatric and medical needs

ChangeInc is approved by the state to offer the following services to individuals on the waiver:

  • Transitional Case Management
  • Community Support Program
  • Recovery Assistance
  • Peer Support

Transitional Case Management

Once DMHAS accepts an individual for the mental health waiver, a Transitional Case Manager (TCM) is assigned to aid the individual in all aspects of transitioning from institutional to independent living. TCM’s prepare their individuals for discharge into the community by assisting with a variety of necessities including but not limited to: housing, medical, educational, and functional supports.

Community Support Program

As an individual transitions from institutional care into their own living space, a Community Support Professional (CSP) is implemented into the equation. A CSP works one on one with the individual to help them achieve goals outlined in their personalized recovery plan. A CSP visits the individual’s home on a weekly basis to perform specific, customized, and comprehensive rehabilitation services such as: skill building, coping mechanisms, bill paying, group and individual psycho education, and community immersion.

Recovery Assistant

A Recovery Assistant (RA) is a DMHAS trained professional who provides one-on-one in-home support to members on the waiver. The RA’s role is a vital one as clients rely on the assistance for attaining the personal objectives outlined on their recovery plan. The road to independence is achieved with the help of supports by maintaining their own home and immersing them into the community. The RA’s job functions range from prompting & cuing medication, assisting with household tasks, engaging individuals in community/social activities, to simply being a supportive companion and advocate as needed. All RA’s are required by the state of Connecticut to complete training and exams prior to working with individuals. 

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